Download 1

Here are some objects that are available for download right now.All downloads are zip files. Just click the picture to download. Put them in your Downloads folder in your The Sims 2 folder. You can read more about where you should put your files here.


Hacked coffee maker

Super Coffeemaker

This is a hacked coffeemaker. I will give you extra energy, extra comfort and if fun is very low it gives extra fun too. And I have improved the bladder function. The coding isn't very elegant but it does work.

Toy dog
This object is decorative only. Made to look good in a childs room.
Another decorative object. Something for the boys?
This table is a cheap one. I didn't like the one that came with the game.

Another cheap table. My young betatester liked it and I will make more colours for her soon. All colours in one file.
This bed is a recolour of the Maxis bed. It has been hacked to give the energy and comfort of the more expensive beds. Energy 4 Comfort 4
Easter eggs
Decorative easter eggs