Download 2

Here are some objects that are available for download right now.All downloads are zip files. Just click the picture to download. Put them in your Downloads folder in your The Sims 2 folder. You can read more about where you should put your files here.


Table lamp

Table lamp

A table lamp on a new mesh.



A Luciacrown is a nice Christmas decoration.

Hacked potty chair

This potty chair has a magnetic core that will affect the brain of Sim kids to make them smarter. They will learn skills that are very useful when they get older. Use three times to see the difference. It works as a normal potty too, of cource.

hacked sims 2 coffeemaker
Another hacked Coffee Maker. This one gives you two alternatives, you can have normal coffee or very strong coffee. The very strong coffee will add to all the needs your Sims have, except roomsscore.
hacked sims2 bed
This is a hacked bed. It will give you the comfort and energy of a much more expensive bed.
Single bed

This bed has a new mesh for the frame and a recoloured bedding. Price is lower than for the original bed.

Comfort 5, Energy 6, Environment 2

Endtable new mesh

An endtable with a new mesh to go with the bed above.



New colour for the dresser to match the bed and endtable above.

Environment 2