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Welcome to Somesimthings 2. This is where I store the objects I have made for Sims 2. I am mainly creating for Sims 1, but I have started to make things for Sims 2 as well. Just as with my Sims 1 object creating, I started out hard with a hacked object using a custom mesh. Thanks to all the good tutorials you can find surfing it ended up as a playable object.

I havn't added anything for over a year, I am no longer playing the game. But this site will stay open at least until the end of 2010.

The hacks are not very complicated, but I have been able to hack the beds and coffeemakers to give them more comfort and energy, and add to other needs as well. I am planning to make more objects now and then, but I will be concentrating on my Sims 1 objects, at least for now. Since making new 3D meshes and hacking Sims 2 files still is a bit experimental you should be careful when you use these objects. I have used them in my game without any problems, but I can't guarantee they will work for you. All objects are University compatible.

All downloads are free, but no cloning or redistribution is allowed.


And a big Thanks to the creators of SimPE, without that programs this would not have been possible.