Downloads 4 Iron beds

Here are some objects that are available for download right now.All downloads are zip files. Just click the picture to download. Put them in your Downloads folder in your The Sims 2 folder. You can read more about where you should put your files here. These beds and endtables are based on a 3d object from Archibase Net


Double iron bed

Double Iron bed

Doublebeds on a new mesh. Very high comfort for a low price. Original 3d mesh downloaded from

Energy 5 Comfort 6 Room 2

Single iron bed

Iron Single bed

Single beds on a new mesh. Hacked to be very comfortable and give lots of energy :) .

Price 450
Comfort 5
Energy 6

Iron endtable

Iron endtable

Made to match the beds.

Blue dresser

Blue dresser

A recolour to match the blue beds.

White dresser

White Dresser

A white recolour to match the white beds.

Yellow dresser

Yellow Dresser

Yellow recolour of the dresser to match the yellow beds.

Decorative kettel

Decorative kettel

A spooky kettel to decorate your garden, can be placed indoors too.

Room 1